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SAN Health Utility

What is Brocade SAN Health?

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For a list of SAN Health general topics, please see SAN Health General Information. 4.0.



SAN Health is a free Brocade utility that provides a comprehensive point-in-time report on your SAN. SAN Health is made up primarily of two software components: the data capture application that is executed against your SAN, and a back-end report processing engine. After the capture process (which uses either telnet or SSH) is completed and the back-end reporting engine finishes, four types of documents are generated: a Microsoft Visio topology diagram, a professional Microsoft Excel-based report with extensive detail on the SAN configuration along with accompanying alerts and recommendations, a .SHData file which can be used with SAN Health Professional, and a group of CSV files that contain all the SAN, Fabric and Switch data making it easy to code against the data and manipulate it at will.


The Visio diagram shows the physical connection of the switches in a fabric as well as the connected devices. Inter-Switch Links (ISLs), trunks, and devices are shown exactly as they are connected to the switch ports. From this diagram, you can quickly view the fabric topology. Because the diagram is in Visio, you can modify it to a preferred format, move components around, or edit the text as you choose.


The Excel-based SAN Health report contains summary information about the entire SAN (such as total port count, number of attached devices, etc.), followed by specific information on each fabric (such as the connected switches, zoning configuration, a port map, etc.). From there it drills down into detailed information at the switch level. A separate section provides switch-level information (license information, port-level configurations, trunking configurations, etc.). Port-level details such as bandwidth utilization, CRC counts, and port status provide a snapshot on overall port health. Other items in the report include historical performance graphs (performance data for Brocade B-Series switches only).  In addition, the report includes extensive information on error checking, numerous statistics on switch environmental parameters, and much more.


The SAN Health Professional file (.SHData) can be loaded up into SAN Health Professional to view all the same data from the Excel and Visio, but in a hierarchical-tree view.  This allows the user to easily drill down from SAN to fabric to switch to port and it enables the user to create custom text reports on the data they chose.  Please see for copies of SAN Health and SAN Health Professional.


The CSV files contain the data obtained in the SAN Health audit and have it listed out in an easy to manipulate comma-separated-value format.  These files can be opened up in a spreadsheet program such as Notepad or Excel, or they can be fed into custom applications that accept CSV files for futher maniplation.




SAN administrators can use SAN Health to provide monthly, weekly or even daily SAN reports. The historical performance monitoring feature is useful for troubleshooting and for reviewing prior months’ SAN Health reports to ascertain traffic pattern changes over time.


SAN Health provides the ability to run unattended so that it can be called from a batch file and scheduled using any common scheduling program such as the Windows Scheduler.


Because SAN Health provides a point-in-time snapshot of the SAN, it can be invaluable to your change-tracking processes and documentation. It is a good idea to run SAN Health prior to and immediately after making any design or connectivity changes to your SAN. The report and Visio diagram will dramatically improve your SAN documentation, and will provide a way to make regular meaningful comparisons.