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  • In the interests of sharing knowledge, and in the spirit of Stupid VMWare Tricks, it's a solved problem. Here goes: The shell script command works, but in order to trigger it after each reboot, it has to be turned into an Applescript, and then called ...

  • It takes a while, but it finishes. Just wait patiently

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    Connect to SSH in Fusion GUI crashes the UI

    Environment: Fusion 13.5.2, Mac mini M1, macOS Sonoma 14.5 I'm finding that whenever I attempt to connect to a guest Linux ...

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    Cannot Download Fusion Pro for Personal Use Due to ...

    I cannot download Fusion Pro for Personal Use under my migrated VMWare Support Account. When I click the download link I get the ...

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    I am new to VMWare, but want to give Fusion Pro a try and maybe even replace Parallels on my MBP M1. After finding the unofficial guide with instructions how to convert a Parallels VM I gave it a try. One of the first steps is to remove the Parallels ...

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    Hello, I'm reaching out with a concern regarding potential trademark infringement and unauthorized sales of VMware products. Recently, I came across a Chinese company named 苏州欣宝网络科技有限公司连云港分公司 (Suzhou Xinbao Network Technology Co., Ltd. Lianyungang ...