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  • Ahh you have to open the link first, not look on this page. And the option is to the left of your name.

  • For now try: https://winningpc.com/download-vmware-workstation-pro-for-personal-use/ These are compressed, once inflated you can check the Checksum against what is shown on that Broadcom page. I am also stuck on this same 'Verification pending' ...

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    RE: How to download VMWare Workstation?

    Broadcom doesn't seem to have an interest for small/medium based companies with valid licenses but no support contract. I could ...

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    How to download VMWare Workstation?

    I have spent enough time to download Workstation Pro 16, but I just don't find a way due to the new site transition and poor or ...

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    I am seeking suggestions, help or updated drivers for resolving the crackling sounds of VMWare Workstation audio that seem to go back to Windows 98 clients. I have been trying to fix the poor audio sound for a couple of days now. I explored numerous ...

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    So a couple of years ago I bought vmware workstation pro, I had access to it via the customer connect portal and I could grab the license anytime... until Broadcom took it down. They don´t answer my emails, neither am I entitled to speak with a support ...

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