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SAN Health Utility

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Advantages of SAN health tool over tools like brocade network advisor or EMC CMCNE%3F



we want to know the benefits of SAN health tool over Brocade network advisor and other such tools from different vendors? (Example: CMCNE from EMC)


Why would one go for SAN health tool installation / automation if tools such BNA / CMCNE are already present in the setup?



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Re: Advantages of SAN health tool over tools like brocade network advisor or EMC CMCNE%3F

SAN Health is complementary to both BNA and CMCNE. While BNA and CMCNE are complex management applications designed to manage SAN switches and many of the attached devices, SAN Health is free, simple-to-use SAN auditing software. SAN Health does not manage the switches or attached devices, but rather audits the switches in order to produce a point-in-time snapshot of the SAN components. SAN Health can easily be scheduled to audit one’s fabric so the spreadsheet reports and the physical diagram outputs can be kept up-to-date as well as saved for historical purposes.


The barrier to entry for using SAN Health is very low. It takes a minute to download and a minute to install in any Windows machine. The easy-to-use interface takes a few minutes to master for an experienced SAN administrator, and SAN Health can scan most fabrics in under 5 minutes. The report generation part, which is the most intensive part of the process, is done at Brocade and is kept up-to-date by Brocade engineers. This further simplifies the process for end users as they don’t have to worry about having the powerful, specialized hardware needed to process the large amounts of data that is used to create the reports. A SAN Health audit can be created using a standard-issue corporate laptop.


SAN Health also compiles the collected diagnostic data into CSV files that the end user can manipulate with any text editor or spreadsheet program (Excel). They can also feed this data into any custom scripts they design to pull out specific information or create their own custom reports if they are looking for specific attributes within their SAN.


Please let us know if you have any additional questions not answered here.




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