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EFCM 9.7.4 and SNMPv3

I'm having trouble getting my EFCM server to talk to a Brocade 4020 via SNMPv3.

In EFCM, the setup looks like:

User Name: lookyloo
Context Name:
Auth Protocol: HMAC_SHA
Auth Password: AuthPassword
Priv Protocol: CBC_DES
Priv Password: Priv Password

On the switch, I have:

User (rw): lookyloo
Auth Protocol: 2 (SHA)
Auth Password: AuthPassword
Priv Protocol: 1 (DES)
Priv Password: PrivPassword

All other users are defaults with Auth=noAuth and noPriv.

Question #1: What is a Context Name?  Is there a command to display it?
Question #2: Is there anything wrong with the SNMP confiuration?

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Re: EFCM 9.7.4 and SNMPv3

Well, I found out what a context name is: it's the name/number of a logical switch in a Virtual Fabric.  Since I'm not running virtual fabrics I don't need to supply a context name.

I still need to find out what's wrong with the SNMPv3 configuration I'm trying to use.  Anyone know where I can find a good tutorial on setting up SNMPv3 (with examples would be nice)?  Most of the websites I've visited just point back to the RFCs and, while the RFCs have good information, they aren't completely clear.

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