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posts missing



do posts get deleted without any notification?

The first time I thought it was a technical glitch so I reposted but as that is gone as well I guess that has been manual intervention. I checked and I can't see any PM (not sure if that feature is implemented here) or email about it.



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Re: posts missing

Hello @micm


you post in the Threads were flagged as spam and auto moved in quarantene folder.


I've marked both answer as No-Spam, now you can edited it or delete one of both as you prefered.

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Re: posts missing

@micm   -  @Antonio Bongiorno TechHelp24 is correct.   There is one type of filter that will automatically send post to a quarantine folder which sends an email to me to review.   If the post is quaratneed based on an error I will release back to the live communinty board.    There is another platform filter that based on rules that will move posts to a moderator review board.   I am also notified of these flagged posts.


We do our best to check these locations in the morning to insure posts are moved back to the live community as soon as possible.


Thank you for contacting Community Support.



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