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Fibre Channel (SAN) Technical Documents

Chassis is not ready for management now. Please try after some time.

by on ‎10-16-2009 10:02 PM - edited on ‎10-30-2013 01:14 PM by Anonymous (12,348 Views)

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Some user reported at several times about the problem

"Chassis is not ready for management now. Please try after some time."

Here is the Workaround.

Log as root and execute
Brocade4100:root> /fabos/libexec/webdconfigure
HTTP attributes (yes, y, no, n): [no] y set to y or yes
HTTP Restart (yes, y, no, n): [no] y set to y or yes
HTTP enabled (yes, y, no, n): [yes] must be set to yes also enable.
ErrorLog Enabled (yes, y, no, n): [no]
AccessLog Enabled (yes, y, no, n): [no]
SSLLog Enabled (yes, y, no, n): [no]
HTTP Port: (1..60000) [80]
Secure HTTP Port: (1..60000) [443]
HTTP IsAlive Check Enabled (yes, y, no, n): [yes] must be set to yes
HTTP Max HeapSize: (256..1024) [256]
webtools attributes (yes, y, no, n): [no]
cal attributes (yes, y, no, n): [no]
Exit from /webdconfigure and try as root "hareboot"

by Anonymous
on ‎07-14-2014 06:38 AM



I have similar issue. and I am planning to make above stated changes. However I am bit new in this Fabric world so just willing to have few checks.


Q 1: I can straight away perform hareboot on my 5840 series (6.4.0c) - I read some thread stating, execute it on active CP. if that is the case, how can we execute hareboot on active cp.


Q2: As I can see the command is hareboot, is there any remote possiblity that it may interrupt FC traffic even for a milisecond on my 5480 embedded switch gear having FOS 6.4.0c



Your answer is highly appreciable.






on ‎09-18-2014 12:00 AM



In response to your queries:


Q1: Yes, you can. 5840 has only one CP (so it is always active). In order to execute it, just run commnad 'hareboot'

Q2: Theoretically, it does not affect FC traffic, but in this world of ours nothing is 100% secure and the remote possibility of a failure always exists.


On the other hand, FOS 6.4.0c is a little bit old and I recommend you to upgrade to the latest release supported by your switch.