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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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SAN Fabric Testing

I am looking for information relating to a series of tests which could be performed after some new SAN Fabric switches have been installed in order to show that they are working . . . my customer is asking for some basic tests which could be performed, and rather than reinvent the wheel, I was wondering whether anyody had anyhting which they could share.


Has anyody got any previously used test plans?


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Re: SAN Fabric Testing

the question is, what do you want to test

or better what does the customer want to get answered with a test!


and no i have not used test plans, SAN works or it does not work that simple it is :)


but, there are some basic tests you can run when implementing ISL.

first you can use the D port config to run diag test on ISL ports connected to each other.


or the more demanding test that can be run in a life enviroment, but with caution

with the command spinfab you can test if the ISL are working correct

*spinFab  -  Runs  functional  test of interswitch link (ISL)
     cabling and trunk group operation.


i would use this command only if the fabrics arent in production yet.


never the less ask your customer what answers he is looking for



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