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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Reset to factory default config on 3200


I have purchased an used Silkworm 3200 switch. It already has old user's configuration & zones configured on it. I want to erase and load it to factory default. I tried configDefault command and it does run successfully & restarts the switch but it does not reset the IP or zones or the name of the switch.

Any help would be appreciated.



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Re: Reset to factory default config on 3200


see below, and/or for exact details in the Command Reference Manual.


Synopsis configdefault

Availability admin

Description Use this command to reset certain configuration settings to the default values.

All configuration parameters, with the following exceptions, are reset to default values:

Ethernet MAC address, IP address, and subnetmask

IP gateway address

License keys

OEM customization

SNMP configuration

System name

World Wide Name

Zoning configuration

Note: Refer to the configure command for more information on default values for configuration


Note: This command may not be executed on an enabled switch. You must first disable the switch

using the switchdisable command.


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