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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Need some assistance diagnosing issue with host to SAN Connection issue

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I have a Brocade fabric that appears to be fine.


I have HP c700 Blade chassis conencted and many hosts connected, via Virtual Connect modules using NPIV. ALl is good except for one host and only connection to 1 fabric.


The adapter is a EMULX ConeConnect OCe11100 10 Gbe , FCoe UCNA adapter the same as our other 60 odd blades.


Like I said the other are all fine.


This adapter has 4 ethernet and 2 fibre connectors


1 of the fibre connections appears not to be working..............we replaced the adapter and re started   ...same issue

I rebuilt the Server from ground remove vmware as issue.....issue still existed.


I removed the zonning and alais completely from said switch and re did (applied the config after deleting then re applied once rebooted server and re created alias and zones....same issue


The issue is it just does not connect........This server has been working fine for 2 Years with no issue.


The only thing I have got to go on is in the san switch alias screen that displays the connected devices when creating a new alias the display for this adapters connector is different on this switch.(in picture)......what does this mean ?

How can I track or look what the issue might be ?


I have checked the storage arrays  host zonning and they are correct.


Any dieas would be appreciated how to narrow down the issue


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Re: Need some assistance diagnosing issue with host to SAN Connection issue

Did you delete VC profile?

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