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Need procedure with details to configure ISLs, trunks and merge the zonning

Hello everyone

This is my first time participating on the Brocade forums. I hope somebody can help me.

I already installed an EMC Clariion frame with two 5100B switches , the switch1R and the switch2B, I have created zonning and configuration on these two switches.

I have a new request to configure 4 ISL link in each switch and configure a 4 ISL trunking on each switch .

The ISL should be betwen switch1R and a the new switch switch3R and the switch2B and a new switch switch4B.

Those new switches are also 5100B switches and they dont have zones even configured ( they just were initialized).

I would like somebody to send me the procedure with details to be able to configure the ISLs, trunkings and merge the switch zonning .

Any help will be appreciated .

Thank you,


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Re: Need procedure with details to configure ISLs, trunks and merge the zonning


For configure isl trunk use portcfgshow. If port hasn't got "trunk port" parameter "on" use portcfgtrunkport

If new switch hasn't got any configuration, after merge switch into fabric, config download and commit automatically.

And new switch must have firmware no higher than switch with effective configuration.

And look the following post:

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