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LDAP authentication on AD


I need some help for ldap auth configuration.

i tried to configure LDAP athentication for our Brocade SAN switches (FOS v7.0.2).

These are my steps:

1) i create my AD group (for example TEST) with Type=Security and Scope=Global.

2) my user was added to this group (for example myuser to TEST)

3) on switch AD servers was added with command aaaconfig --add -conf ldap -p 389 -d -t 3

4) ldap server was enabled : aaaconfig --authspec  "ldap;local"

5) AD group TEST was added to admin role: ldapcfg maprole TEST admin

My question is if i'm forgetting something. Is there anything to be configured on the AD server? Something is missing, becouse i  tried different variants to login with my domain user, but unsuccessful. Or i failed something?

Thanks in advance for help.


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