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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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How to use Zoning

I have an IBM BladeCenter S with two Brocade Fibre Channel Switch Modules, IBM P/N 32R1819. I cannot locate any documentation on how to configure zoning for these switches. The problem I'm having is that I have an IBM TS3100 Tape Library, and I can't get the tape drive to be recognized at the blades. I can get the Medium Changer to be recognized, but not the tape drive itself. The WWNN of the tape library doesn't even show up unless I add it manually. I need to get some documentation or a step-by-step tutorial on how to configure zoning, because right now I have no idea if I'm doing it right or just getting the Tape Library to be recognized by accident. Also, although I have the IBM part number, I have no idea what this fiber channel switch actually is, because I've seen it referenced in various online posts as a 3+7, a 20-port, and a 10-port.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: How to use Zoning

Sound to me that zoning is not the issue, as you can see the robotics.

I know from the HP MSL line (same library don't know the OEM supplier used to be Overland) that thereis at least one fibre connection per drive.

And that you can select which drive controls robotics. You can see the latter, so I'm a bit suprised you don't see the drive.

Or do you mean by reconize, able to see drive in OS/BIOS but unable to use?

I founf an link to the library manual haven't found the part about robotics control though.

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Re: How to use Zoning

The robotics has a different target WWNN from the tape drive itself.

The Library World Wide Node Name is 20:00:00:0e:11:12:9e:eb

The Drive has a Node Name of 20:01:00:0e:11:12:9e:eb and a Port Name of 20:02:00:0e:11:12:9e:eb

I don't understand how to zone the Library and the Drive in the Web Interface of the switch.

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Re: How to use Zoning

Did you have configured an IP address to the switches?

If so please run a telnet or ssh session to the switches and run the command switchshow.

You can check if zoning is enabled or not.

Further you can see which wwn are looged into the switch.

After that you can create alias definitions for each WWPN.

Then you have to create a zone which contains two or more alias (WWPN) .

Last step is to create a configuration and enable it.

If you a zoning configuration inplace add the new zone to it and enable the configuration. The blades should be able to see your devices.

You can find some more information about zoning if you run the command zonehelp.

I hope this helps.

If you have further questions let me know. If not please mark it as answered and rate it if it was helpful for you.



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