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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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How to Find HBA Driver Firmware Level



Is there a way to view the HBA Driver Firmware levels? Is that infomation logging anywhere that can be reviewed and validated if it's out of date?


Thank you.

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Re: How to Find HBA Driver Firmware Level



Brocade HBA was acquired by Qlogic / Cavium.


For download please visit, the QCC - GUI and CLI - in example is a valuable management tools where you can see all details about the HBA

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Re: How to Find HBA Driver Firmware Level



from a switches perspective you can use nsshow and fdmishow to see details about the HBA drivers. However these commands only display information if the device reveals that info during FLOGI or probeing which is not always the case.


Same for the SANHealth Tool.


Otherwise have a look on the Server side for the driver version and then check the HBA vendors Release Notes.



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Re: How to Find HBA Driver Firmware Level

One thing to add.  HBA info found in nsshow is based on the API call to the HBA.  The info found in nsshow is only as accurate as what the HBA provides.  If the vendor's HBA developer did not update the HBA's API response info then nsshow's info will not be correct.  In my experience the nsshow info on HBA driver has shown to be highly accurate but not at 100%.   To be 100% accurate you need to reference the HBA itself.  (Qlogic and Emulex HBAs have their own HBA UI anc command line mgmt tools.)

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