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Fabric OS/firmware upgrade



Two issues seeking help with:


1.  I am running v8.2.0 on a pair of Brocade 6510 switches.  Would like to see my upgrade options are and get a recommendaiton.


2.  Prior to the support portal migrating to broadcom (from brocade) my switches were listed and I could download updates for them.  Support had to add our contract to the account so downloads were possible.  After the migration to broadcom all that is gone.  I can login but cant see the switches or download any files even if I needed to.  I cant even create a ticket to inform support there is an issue because I don't have any access to "projects" -- "Currently you do not have access to any Projects,Kindly reach out to your Account Contact/FAE for further access"




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Re: Fabric OS/firmware upgrade

[ Edited ]

1.  Suggest you find your Brocade/Broadcom support contract number and call support to regain access

or  fillout the website form.  Others including OEMs had issues during the cut-over to Broadcom support

website.  You situation is likely a common one that can be fixed quickly.


  United States and Canada: 1-800-752-8061 




2. FOS v8.2.0a is fairly new firmware.  The latest Brocade/Broadcom FOS Target Path Guide found on Broadcom's documentation download page is dated 4/25/18. For open systems the guide does not list any v8.2.x FOS. It does however list v8.2.0a for FICON environments.


3. The latest FOS for 6510 is v8.2.1b.   If you switch is vendor support I'd suggest you check with them on what FOS levels are

supported for your 6510.

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