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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Brocade switch with 80 ports

We are using 40 port 5100B SAN switches in our main site. We need to upgrade the switches.What is the next models available from brocade?

We need another 40 ports(total 80 ports).

Any help?

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Re: Brocade switch with 80 ports

Hi Raju,

the B5300 has 80 FC-Ports.

Please check before upgrading if the available BB-Credits are enough for you. B5300 has less BB-Credits then B5100.

If you are not using Long-Distance connections, the B5300 should be the correct switch for you.



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Re: Brocade switch with 80 ports

In addition to the information ralf.shlosser provided, the new 6520 has a grand total of 96 ports.

6520 Datasheet:


Mike Eversole
Brocade Community Manager

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