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  • 1.  The forums are really slow....

    Posted May 10, 2024 12:20 PM

    The responsiveness of the Broadcom community web site is really quite slow. I would not expect lengthy delays to load content. 

    Are there plans to address this sooner rather than later? The old VMware forums, regardless of what we might have thought of their functionality, did not experience the level of poor performance I see from the Broadcom forums.

    - Paul (technogeezer)

  • 2.  RE: The forums are really slow....

    Community Manager
    Posted May 10, 2024 12:44 PM

    @Technogeezer, we will see the site pick up and slow down because we are running clean-up jobs over the next two weeks during stabilization.    I am monitoring page loads with the vendor so we can continue to watch traffic pattern changes.

    I am seeing posting a message limits exceeded so I have opened a ticket with the vendor to address.  I tried to post this a minute ago and after 30 seconds it timed out.

    Thanks for the note.  ~jm

    Thank you
    Broadcom Community Platform Admin, IT