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SAN Health Utility

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"Important alerts and warnings"

where does the utility get the information for "Important alerts and warnings"?  I ran a SAN health report and in the "Important alerts and warnings" section I see several ERRORS e.g. Silkworm48000 CP in slot 5 set to faulty because CP ERROR asserted. But when I get on the switch and look at the log there is a message following the CP ERROR asserted that the CP ERROR has been deasserted. If the error has been cleared why is it in the SAN Health Report?

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Re: "Important alerts and warnings"

--->>> CP ERROR asserted

such error become or can be caused i.e. during firmwaredownload

with "errorshow"  can you verify a Date - from -  the error was caused.

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Re: "Important alerts and warnings"

Yes, the CP ERROR assertion and deassertion took place during a firmware download. Why then doesn't the SAN Health utility look for the deassertion and if true not log the incident in the report? It makes for a lot of needless eyebrow raising and research time. 

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Re: "Important alerts and warnings"

Hi william.macdonald,

The SAN Health team is always striving to make the report as useful as possible.  Please send the details (including .BSH filename, screenshots, etc.) to and we will look into report generation logs to find the particulars for you.  We may be able to alter the report generation to make the resulting report more useful for you.  Sorry for your wasted troubleshooting time.  Let's see if we can prevent that in the future.



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