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SAN Health Utility

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SAN Health Check on Brocade 3900 Switch


IS SAN Health not supported on Brocade 3900 ..

I am get following message:Probing failed on F-port which is possibly a privated device which is not supported in this port type.

Pls let me know if there is any alternative procedure.


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Re: SAN Health Check on Brocade 3900 Switch

Hi Didi,

SAN Health is supported on all types of Brocade SAN gear. As to why you are getting this error, is not quite clear to me. But we can surely find out.

The error message seems to say that there is a loop device connected to this switch but being represented as a F port. Are there any weird devices connected to this switch, any VTL's, tape drives or lesser known storage devices.

Please post the o/p of




errdump -r

in a txt file and attach as response.

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