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Management Software

Switch Ethernet Monitoring and Config Backup

by Anonymous on ‎12-09-2005 12:00 AM (1,228 Views)


This Script will Check the Ethernet ports of the swicthes and Tries to take the config backup of the switches which are pingable and Alerts the San admin for the ethernet problem and Config Backup details.The Zip file contails four ( main script ), ( will check the ethernet ports and creates a file name good), ( this scripts executes the script.exp ..i.e expect script and executes the backup". 



Operating System Solaris 

Interface Expect,Perl 

Fabric Operating System 4.1.2 

Other tested with Brocade 12k. 



Can be scheduled to be run via cron 


NOTE: This contribution was migrated by Brocade from the former Brocade Connect community on March 13, 2008, on behalf of the author.