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Registered: ‎07-12-2016

Optical monitoring sends conflicting alarms

I have BNA 12.4.4 and a MLX-32 with a couple of 20 port 10g linecards. Optical monitoring is enabled with the default interval (3 minutes) on the router. When I discover the MLX with BNA, everything looks good but then the reachabilty starts flapping up and down every few minutes and I get optical monitor warnings/alarms on ports that are in use. I fixed the reachabilty problem by increasing the asset polling intervals by a minute each (we think this is an snmp problem.) The optical alarms are still happening and it seems like it's a bug because I get alarms that have conflicting reports. here is an example:


Jul 10 09:31:33     Latched high Temperature warning, port 15/1      Latched low Temperature warning, port 15/1      Latched high Supply Voltage warning, port 15/1      Latched low Supply Voltage warning, port 15/1      Latched low TX Bias Current warning, port 15/1      Latched high TX Power warning, port 15/1      Latched low TX Power warning, port 15/1


Jul 10 08:17:05     Latched high RX Power alarm, port 16/1      Latched low RX Power alarm, port 16/1


See how the warnings conflict with each other? How can you have a high temp and a low temp at the same time? The optics are from Brocade so it shoudn't be a compatiblity problem. And the other strange thing is this only occurs when BNA is monitoring the router. When I remove the router from BNA, the alarms go away.


Any idea what is causing this and what the solution may be? thx.



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