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EFCM 9.7.4 removing ISLs after qlogic embedded switch replaced with brocade 4020

Experiencing a really quirky issue with EFCM. No apparent issue occuring on the FC network.

McDATA Native Fabric (interop mode 2 for brocade switches)

All McDATA Directors / Switches @ M-EOS v9.8.1

All Brocade Switches @ FOS 6.2.0(c,e)

I've recently swapped out a loaner McDATA(Qlogic) embedded blade switch (operating in McDATA Fabric mode) with a Brocade 4020. The blade chassis keeps the IP address the same. Everything appears to be working just fine with the fabric & blade hardware post swap, except for EFCM. Every time I try to discover the 4020 with EFCM, it keeps adding/removing the ISLs every 2 mins. If I leave the 4020 discovered out-of-band.. EFCM leaves the ISLs alone.

Anyone ever seen anything like this before?

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