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DCFM Technical SupportSave limitations?

We use DCFM Enterprise to manage 4 fabrics made up of a total of 18 switches and 1800 ports. We are attempting to schedule daily SupportSaves for all switches. We currently have 8 scheduled and are unable to add any more. They move to the "Selected Switches" window from the "Available Switches" window, but after selecting OK and re-opening the "Technical SupportSave" window, those switches no longer appear in the "Selected Switches" window. We have removed all switches from the list and attempted to add only the switches not previously listed but get the same results. Bottom line, there are certain switches we can add to the list of scheduled SupportSaves and there are those we can't no matter what we try.

We have compared configurations between switches and cannot see anything that would be different. These are all Brocade switches including DCX, 48000, 4900, 5100, and 5300 models. There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to why we can't add certain switches. All other DCFM functionality seems to be as expected.

Any suggestions?


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