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Brocade Newtork Advisor 12, what's new ?


I'm trying to find a document explaining the new features BNA 12 can provide against BNA 11.3 without success.

Can somebody from Brocade provide such a document ?

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Yves Simon

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Re: Brocade Newtork Advisor 12, what's new ?

We don't have a specific doc that will compare BNA v12 to BNA v11.3, however if you wish to see what is new in BNA v12,  this is covered in the Release Notes which are attached.  We do have a Brocade Communities Moderator who specializes in BNA, but she's been out sick.  As soon as she's back in, I'll run this by her for her input.


Mike Eversole
Brocade Community Manager
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Re: Brocade Newtork Advisor 12, what's new ?

The major enhancements for BNA 12.0 included the Unified Access Management support for wireless devices , dashboard enhancements , along with the other key features listed in the RN as meversol mentioned above. We also added the support for RH 6.1 32 and 64 bit versions .

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