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Tunnel is not coming up and multiple issues.

Hi there,


Since I am very much new to this Vyatta router. I need assistance to configure the VPN Tunnel and its connectivity. Please find my questions below.


1)  Tunnel hangs in "init" state. What needs to be done to resolve?

2) What settings need to be done so that when I ping to and fro it should show connectivity.

3) If there are 8 subnets in a tunnel. Do we need to configure 8 tunnels for 8 subnets? 

4) Before adding the subnets into the tunnel, do I need to configure them in Interfaces say dp0bond0?

Ex say if I have a VLAN named as 1291 and its had subnet as so do I need to configure it as dp0bond0.1291 and enable address in it?


The Questions may be basic but I have multiple issues in it. Request anyone to kindly resolve my queries



Vikram Rao



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Re: Tunnel is not coming up and multiple issues.

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