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Fibre Channel (SAN) Technical Documents


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This DOS-based utility enables/disables the corePID format for switches inside a fabric. This assists with the deployment/migration of new switches into a new SAN.

There are certain parameters which must be set identically on all switches in a given fabric. In the course of maintaining a Storage Area Network (SAN), it is occasionally necessary to change such a parameter. One such parameter is the Core Switch PID Format.

Updating the Core Switch PID Format is necessary when upgrading an existing Brocade SAN to support larger port-count switches. When a switch with more than sixteen ports is introduced into an existing fabric, the parameter needs to simultaneously be set on all switches in the fabric. This utility can help with changing the corePID format.

Please look at the included Core Switch PID Format Update Best Practices document.


Operating System NT, Windows 2000

Interface CLI

Fabric Operating System One of the following at a minimum:




Other NT, DOS Command line tool; make sure you have all the files nthapi_2.dll, xerces-c_1_7_0.dll, and brcdrpc.dll inside your path. Setting your path to the current directory should work.



pidFormat -f <a class="jive-link-adddocument" href="">-ip IpAddress</a> <a class="jive-link-adddocument" href="">-u User-p Password -v 0|1
Do not use this on a production environment. It will reboot the fabric.


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