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Fibre Channel (SAN) Technical Documents

password recovery

by Anonymous ‎08-08-2005 09:01 PM - edited ‎10-30-2013 01:39 PM (3,916 Views)


What can you do if your sanswitch lostpassword???

It will be recovery by this script.

let unzip and do following passwd_recovery.pdf file

NOTE: recommend you use cross cable to connect to switch. by this way you can eliminate all network trouble (my exprience)



Operating System All Windows platform

Interface LAN cable

Fabric Operating System v4.1

Other None





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by Anonymous
on ‎07-08-2015 09:08 PM

We have  SAN HP StorageWorks Modular Smart Array 1000 (Part Number 201723-B22)

with two Modular smart array 1000 controlers (Part Number 218231-B22)

and two HP StorageWorks MSA SAN switch 2/8 (Part Number 288247-B21, Fabric OS v3.2.0) - We found information that it is brocade product.


Through one of switches it isn't possible to be connected to the server. The POST indication and messages received through serial cable of errors isn't present, and all tests are passed.


Logon to a switch is impossible as all passwords by default were changed (admin, root, factory, use/password, fibranne).


According to the instruction "BROCADE. Fabric OS. Password Recovery Notes" for reset of the password on switches with Fabric OS v3.x is used the Password Recovery firmware method. We made it, but it didn't work. The firmware booted, but passwords weren't reset.


Please, tell  how to reset the passwords or to receive firmware for recovery of passwords by default?