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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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port can not login (Switch not ready for F or L ports)

Hello Experts,

I have a problem in my fabric that i can't connect the HBA and get it online . If the same connected to another SAN fabric it comes online.

This problem happens any serer 4G , 8G connects to any switches in that fabric newly or relogin doesn't happen at all .  Where to look what to do

QDC_SAN_2499_02:FID128:admin> portstatsshow 1/2

stat_wtx                283336      4-byte words transmitted

stat_wrx                114         4-byte words received

stat_ftx                23600       Frames transmitted

stat_frx                3           Frames received

stat_c2_frx             0           Class 2 frames received

stat_c3_frx             3           Class 3 frames received

stat_lc_rx              0           Link control frames received

stat_mc_rx              0           Multicast frames received

stat_mc_to              0           Multicast timeouts

stat_mc_tx              0           Multicast frames transmitted

tim_rdy_pri             0           Time R_RDY high priority

tim_txcrd_z             0           Time TX Credit Zero (2.5Us ticks)

tim_txcrd_z_vc  0- 3:  0           0           0           0

tim_txcrd_z_vc  4- 7:  0           0           0           0

tim_txcrd_z_vc  8-11:  0           0           0           0

tim_txcrd_z_vc 12-15:  0           0           0           0

er_enc_in               0           Encoding errors inside of frames

er_crc                  0           Frames with CRC errors

er_trunc                0           Frames shorter than minimum

er_toolong              0           Frames longer than maximum

er_bad_eof              0           Frames with bad end-of-frame

er_enc_out              8           Encoding error outside of frames

er_bad_os               43261798    Invalid ordered set

er_rx_c3_timeout        0           Class 3 receive frames discarded due to timeout

er_tx_c3_timeout        0           Class 3 transmit frames discarded due to timeout

er_c3_dest_unreach      0           Class 3 frames discarded due to destination unreachable

er_other_discard        0           Other discards

er_type1_miss           0           frames with FTB type 1 miss

er_type2_miss           0           frames with FTB type 2 miss

er_type6_miss           0           frames with FTB type 6 miss

er_zone_miss            0           frames with hard zoning miss

er_lun_zone_miss        0           frames with LUN zoning miss

er_crc_good_eof         0           Crc error with good eof

er_inv_arb              0           Invalid ARB

open                    0           loop_open

transfer                0           loop_transfer

opened                  0           FL_Port opened

starve_stop             0           tenancies stopped due to starvation

fl_tenancy              0           number of times FL has the tenancy

nl_tenancy              0           number of times NL has the tenancy

zero_tenancy            0           zero tenancy

fabric -s ==> partial

Switch 0; Tue Apr 23 15:42:16 2013 GMT (GMT+0:00)

15:42:16.968563 SCN LR_PORT (0);g=0x156                     A2,P0  A2,P0  2     NA

15:46:38.962069 SCN LR_PORT (0);g=0x156                     A2,P0  A2,P0  2     NA

15:47:01.931464 SCN LR_PORT (0);g=0x156                     A2,P0  A2,P0  2     NA

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Re: port can not login (Switch not ready for F or L ports)


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Re: port can not login (Switch not ready for F or L ports)

1. Did you connect the cable in a proper way ?

if Yes

2. Did you try connecting the same cable to some other port on the switch?

if yes

pls paste the switchshow output of working switch and non- working switch

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