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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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how to configure trunk master ?


How to configure Trunk Master port in the San Switch ? That switch working in Access Gateway Mode. I want to config one port in Trunk Master, second port I want config to slave.




I read a Administration Guide. But i don't understand what need to do. 

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Re: how to configure trunk master ?

1) is a trunkin license presente ?


if yes,


2) try first with "portcfgtrunkport" to make sure if the ports you want to form a trunk is set to enable and configured.


for details refer the Access Gateway Admin guide i.e. page 58 FOS release 7.2


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Re: how to configure trunk master ?

I decide my truble. 

Access Gateway Admin Guide page 61.


                Enabling trunking


1. Connect to the switch and log in using an account assigned to the admin role.


2. Disable the desired ports by entering the portdisable port command for each port to be included in the TA.


3. Enter the porttrunkarea--enable 3 command with the appropriate options to form a trunk group for the desired ports. For example, if ports 36-39 were disabled in step 2, then the following example command forms a trunk group for ports 36-39 with index 37. These will be connected to N_Ports on an AG module. switch:admin> porttrunkarea --enable 36-39 -index 37 Trunk area 37 enabled for ports 36, 37, 38 and 39.


4. Enter the portenable port command for each port in the TA to re-enable the desired ports, such as ports 36-39.


5. Enter the switchhow command to display the switch or port information, including created trunks.

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