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ezsetup clearing configuration

Hello All!


We recently has someone go into the SETUP menu option, and click thru the first couple screens before they realized they shouldn't be on those pages.

When the clicked Cancel, it seems to have defaulted the switch zoning.

Is this by design or a fluke?




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Re: ezsetup clearing configuration

From your description, it would appear that someone clicked all the way through to the zoning selection, and clicked "next", then after that cancelled:


Zoning selection options

The next step in configuring your switch is to select zoning. There are three choices:

  • Typical Zoning creates a port-based zoning scheme based on the connections made on the Configure Ports and Connect Devices window. This zoning scheme creates a two-member zone for every possible pairing of HBA (H) and storage (S) ports connected on the Configure Ports and Connect Devices window. This ensures that any host device connected to an H port is able to communicate with any storage device connected to an S port.


So - yes, this is by design, because someone selected the 'Setup' from EZSwitchSetup, then they went all the way through to the zoning selection, and then they cancelled after creating the zone method.


If you have a configupload prior to the setup process, you can download the old config with the 'configdownload' command to the switch and it will restore the config including zoning that was on the switch before they ran the EZSwitchSetup through the zoning section.


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