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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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director 48000 port numbering 8 gb

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I was looking to find out the port numbering of a 48000 switch with 8 gb modules? port 252? slot/ port??

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Re: director 48000 port numbering 8 gb



Director 48000 port numbering is the same for both blades, 4G and 8G.


In the case of port 252, it corresponds to 10/28




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Re: director 48000 port numbering 8 gb

You could run  and find the correspondig slot/port


CTI_INT:sag> switchshow |grep "^252" 
252   10   28   66fc00   id    N8   No_Light    FC

Depending on your firmware level, you can issue some commands specifying the index number with the -i option, but commands related to sfp or physical ports, you still need to use the slot/port



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