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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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connectivity issues between 4800 and 4100, 4012

Hi All,

We had upgraded the 4100 and 4012 to the FOS 5.3.0, same FOS version the 48000  had, but the director is not able to see the  servers HBA WWN connected to the 4012 in the zone configuration.  On the 4012 zone its possible to see the HBA WWN attached to its ports but we are not able to see in the director 48000 zone and the storage crtl wwn conected to the 4800 ports. The same behaivor for the 4100.

Any help on this will be appreciated.

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Re: connectivity issues between 4800 and 4100, 4012

If it wasn't 5.3 I and if you're talking about WebTools GUI, I would say this is expected because some WebTools functions were moved to DCFM Pro.

Otherwise general troubleshooting steps would apply, starting with switchShow, fabricShow and nsShow/nsCamShow.

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