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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Zone reporting in Brocade BNA

Hello Friends,


I wanted to check from BNA if for a particular servers there are any zoning changes happened in last 10days and if yes who did that?



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Re: Zone reporting in Brocade BNA

You might try "auditdump" in FOS CLI. Not sure if it will help in your case though...
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Re: Zone reporting in Brocade BNA

Thanks Stephen.

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Re: Zone reporting in Brocade BNA

BNA uses a 'compare zone database' method to check for adds, deletions to a reference config. To enable, you would click on configure > zoning > fabric. There should be a dialog box that comes up to allow you to configure how zoning is managed. In that box, click on compare from the list. This will allow you to check the changes from the current reference zone DB and the editible database. If you have 'track changes' enabled, you can correlate the change in the zone DB with the prev logins. Click the 'show differences' to only show the changes made.You will see green + and red - for items that have been changed.


As for 'who did that' I believe that the track changes setting in the fabric parameters will show user logins.


Although not asked, a much better way of managing your device changes in advance, rather than in arrears is with a Device Connection Control security policy. This will restrict any devices(and not allow a change in the zoning) from entering your SAN without a managed and controlled effort by an administrator.


Best of luck,


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