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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Wanted to know what is Basic Switch & Default Switch

Hi Folk's


Wanted to know from the below one ,


LS Attributes:[FID: 128, Base Switch: No, Default Switch: Yes, Address Mode 0]


What is Base Switch & Default Switch & Address Mode?


Can any one explain briefly?



Seenivasan P

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Re: Wanted to know what is Basic Switch & Default Switch

Hi, your questions are regarding Virtual Fabrics (VF) functionality. It is based on Logical Switches (LS), which are formed with ports of Physical switch. From the beginning, when you turn on VF, all the ports are in the Default LS. Then you could create your own LS and move some ports from Default LS to the newly created one. Base switch is the special setting for XISL or Routing functions. Address mode identifies which fields and corresponding bits in PID are used for the port address.


I suggest to read Fabric OS Administrator's Guide, Chapters "Managing Virtual Fabrics" and "Port identifiers (PIDs) and PID binding overview" for details.


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