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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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SAN Scripting/Automation

I have a relatively large SAN consisting of a very large variety and age of switches ranging from FabricOS 3.2.x to 6.3.x

I have been tasked with a job to write a set of scripts that can output user account information into a text file which can be used to populate our identity management software database in an automated fashion.

I have access to SAN Health, DCFM, and SSH to accomplish this.

So far the best way I have figured out is by using a very dirty SSH Shell Script using expect and some very complex AWK to parse the output.

Are there any better methods I can use to extract user account information from the SAN?  I have tried SNMP but that does not provide the information I need.  DCFM does not seem to have it either.

Before I dump a lot more time into a very insecure shell script, I would like some feedback from the community.  Has anyone used SMI-S or the Brocade scripting API to accomplish anything like this?

There has to be a better way.

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Re: SAN Scripting/Automation

Hi Bryan,

as far as I know is that Brocade API is not supported on the newer FOS releases.

I have written for my environment some perl scripts which are collecting all information we need.

I think this is a simple and efficient way to get the information from the SAN switches. All scripts are using a mix of ssh logins and SNMP request.

The ssh logins are running one or more commands and collecting the output.

Very simple but is an issue if your server is not secure where the scripts are running on.

I hope this helps,


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