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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Problem on Embedded Switch


Last week-end, we have made a big electrical operation.

I'v also take the decision to make an upgrade of my impacted switches.

My lowest firmware was FOS 6.1.0a (BC HP)

My highest firmware was FOS 6.1.1d (All other switches and backbones)

Some Switches are in Access Gateway mode and other in Native Mode

All my fabrics are full Brocade.

I don't touch the firmware of my Backbone

I want upgrade to FOS 6.2.1b.

After check the compatibility between all my san elements, and destroyed my old 3016, I've ran an upgrade on more 30 Blade Center Switches (4020 for IBM & 4024 for HP).

All is good !

When I'm decide to reintegrate my switchs I'm fall on a big problem :

All my commands for enable my ports failed !

BC343_F1:DCFM> portcfgpersistentenable 0
portcfgpersistentenable failed.  Operation not supported.

After some research, I don't found any resolution.

Then I've decided to downgrade some switches.

On someone, the intervention works, on others, not !

The problem is different beetwen switches :

Sometimes, i've cannot modify the port dedicated for ISL but i can modify all my F_port

Sometimes, i've cannot modify all my F_port and can modify all my E_port

Someone have got a workaround or a defect about this problem ?


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Re: Problem on Embedded Switch


I've resolved the same problem with 4020 & IBM BladeCenter.

This was brand new BladeCenter. I've upgraded both 4020 and faced the problem. All external ports were disabled.

The reason was simple. You must set  I/O Module Advanced Setup -> External ports ->  ENABLED for SAN modules via BladeCenter management module web interface.

Good luck!

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Re: Problem on Embedded Switch


thanks for this hint.

We got the same problem with IBM Blade Center and could fix it by changing the I/O Module settings:

I/O Module Tasks -> Admin/Power/Restart -> I/O Module Advanced Setup -> "Select the I/O module for the switch" -> "External Ports must be selected to enabled"

But I don't know the reason for this because the FOS upgrad to 6.2.1b was one week before the error occurs.

So it seems to be not a direct action/failure after upgrading the FOS.

Maybe we got the problem after the N-Ports got a physical connection Problem and then went into "Persistent Disabled" state. Over CLI it was not possible to change the satete via "portcfgpersistentenable" but after changing the setting on IBM Blade Center it works.

So my question what does the Management Software from IBM Blade Center by changing External Ports to enabled?


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Re: Problem on Embedded Switch

Hello, I had the same problem after performing the firmware upgrade for my FC switches an IBM Blade Center H.

I did the procedure you said and solved my problem.

Thanks for your help!


Dante Castro

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