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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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NTP Query failed in DCX

Hi All,

I am getting the below NTP error frequently in DCX box..

Message -:There is a problem with device SWITCH12. Details of error(s): WARNING:: Fri 01/07/2011 23:53:53.27 SWITCH12 10.245.X.XX NTP Query failed: 256 WARNING:: Fri 01/07/2011 23:53:53.54 SWITCH12 10.245.X.XX       10.242.XX.X Clock Server used instead of 10.243.XX.X.

Able to ping the NTP server but however got the below message too at the end of output

"TTL expired in transit."

Please suggest workaround for this...

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Re: NTP Query failed in DCX

Check if you have set the right gateway on both the NTP server and the switch. As a SAN administrator you can do much other than set the gateway right.

The TTL transit error is a result of some wrong route entry either on the device or some of the routers in between.

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