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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Moving 200e Switches


I currently have 2 Brocade 300 switches (A and B Fabric) connected via ISL to 2 Brocade 200e switches (A and B Fabric.)

They have my test EMC CX3-240 and some physical test hosts attached, but none of the hosts will access the storage since I will power them down.

I need to move my 200e switches to a new rack.

Are there any issues with powering off the switches and moving them and then bringing them back online?  I can do this one switch at a time but just want to make sure there would be no fabric issues with bringing them back up.

Thank you!


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Re: Moving 200e Switches

Hi Janice,

it is normally safe to power down a switch, move it, reconnect to the same fabric and bring back online.

With Brocade SAN switches there is no such thing as "copy run start" as in some other systems, and zoning configuration is written to flash once enabled.

I would do it one fabric at a time to have a more streamlined and less complex process.

Hope this helps,


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Re: Moving 200e Switches

Thank you for your response!  I figured that it would be fine but it is always nice to have the forums to post just in case there are things that I am not aware of =)

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