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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Interopmode issue with McDATA switch

I have configured Brocade switch with interopmode 2 to migrate McDATA (McDATA Fabric mode)...

I am getting E-port segmented with zone conflict message on Brocade

LabSGP:FID128:admin> switchshow

switchName:     LabSGP

switchType:     66.1

switchState:    Online

switchMode:     McDATA Fabric

switchRole:     Principal

DomainIDOffset: 0x60

switchDomain:   4

switchId:       fffc24

switchWwn:      10:00:00:05:1e:0f:6c:9f

zoning:         OFF

switchBeacon:   OFF

FC Router:      OFF

Allow XISL Use: OFF

LS Attributes: 

Index Port Address Media Speed State     Proto


  0   0   640000 id    N8   No_Light    FC

  1   1   640100 id    N8   No_Light    FC

  2   2   640200 id    N8   No_Light    FC

  3   3   640300 id    N8   No_Light    FC

  4   4   640400 id    N8   No_Light    FC

  5   5   640500   id N8   No_Light    FC

  6   6   640600 id    N8   No_Light    FC

  7   7   640700 id    N8   No_Light    FC

  8   8   640800 id    N8   No_Light    FC

  9   9   640900 id    N8   No_Light    FC

10  10   640a00   id N8   No_Light    FC

11  11   640b00   id N8   No_Light    FC

12  12   640c00   id N8   No_Light    FC

13  13   640d00   id N8   No_Light    FC

14  14   640e00   id N8   No_Light    FC

15  15   640f00   id N1   Online      FC  E-Port segmented,(zone conflict)


Prior to change of interopmode I have done cfgdisable, cfgclear, cfgsave at brocade, configured IM 2 with safe zone ON.

Brocade FOS : v6.4.3d , McDATA is on Firmware Version: 09.08.01

please suggest...

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Re: Interopmode issue with McDATA switch

"cfgmcdtmode" command, can you verify if McDATA Config mode is enable or disable.

Additional, i see in switchshow output, the segmented port is set as N1, keep in mind 8G SFP+ not support 1GB FC.

If you have in McDATA Switch 1Gbits SFP, the you must use is 5100 a 4G SFP


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