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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Integrate 300 switch with zoning present into fabric

I have a Brocade 300 switch that has zoning on it. I would like to remove all zone config info and then integrade into our current fabric. next i would like to make this switch the primary switch.

what are the correct steps and commands to accomplish this?

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Re: Integrate 300 switch with zoning present into fabric

Hi Eric,

to remove the zoning from the B300 perform the following:


Then you can connect the B300 to your fabric. Please look if the Fabric merges.

What do you mean with "make this switch the primary switch"?

Do you want the B300 become principal switch?

If yes, then you can set the priority of the B300 to the lowest value.

fabricprincipal --enable -p 0x01 -f.

Be careful, because the -f option will force an Fabric rebuild immediately.



Kind Regards

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