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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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ISL and Principal switch selection.


I have a Brocade 200E (24 port switch) in the production. I have to connect one "EMC DS-300B" switch to the production switch without any I/O interruption to the devices connected to the production switch. What are the configuration/settings I need to makesure on the production switch and the new switch ?

I can see both production and new switch are principal switch now. Which switch will be principal switch after connecting them together. If the new switch become the principal switch, will that disturb the production I/O ?

Production switch DID - 1
New switch DID -2
PID format - native (On both production and new switch)



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Re: ISL and Principal switch selection.


If Priority has not been modified in any of the two switchs, the switch with lowest WWN would become Principal. And this operative should not be disruptive for the traffic withing the switchs.


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