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Help with FC config between MDS and Brocade 5470 IBM BladeCenter

Hello, we have a funtioning IBM BladeCenter setup with Brocade 5470 20port switches built in. This connects to our MDS switch. Currently things are working, but I am not sure if they are setup correctly or now to make the proper changes.


Our MDS is as follows:


cisco MDS 9148 FC

System version: 5.0(1a)


Our Brocades are


switchType:     73.6
switchState:    Online
switchMode:     Native
switchRole:     Principal
switchDomain:   1
switchId:       fffc01
switchWwn:      10:00:00:05:33:50:ca:da
zoning:         ON (Carma_Prod_1)
switchBeacon:   OFF

Fabric OS:  v6.3.1b


The configuration is a mess with wrong WWNs in places and such, and some storage performance issues, so trying to clean all of this up before looking elsewhere. I cleaned up the config in Brocades and saved the config (didn't enable the zone file yet) and I noticed that it changed the running config on the MDS as well. The MDS is set to interop mode 2, is that correct? Should I be making changes on Brocade side or the Cisco side?


It seems that the change needs to be commited still, so would I load the Zone File in Brocade, and then go to Cisco and run zoneset distribute vsan 1 followed by copy running-configuration startup-configuration ?


I am confused on the order or the locatino of where these changes need to take place.

Also, I want to upgrade to FOS7.0.2e1 on the Brocades, but can't find any information about it's compatibility with MDS as MDS matrix doesn't show 5470 as a switch. Also, read that as of FOS7 there is no more interoperability will upgrading break my setup, and what needs to be done to fix it again, do I have to change some mode on MDS or upgrade MDS?


Sorry for all the questions, I am pretty new to FC so trying to get a hang of it. Lots of information out there and its hard to understand what applies to what anymore. Thank you.



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Re: Help with FC config between MDS and Brocade 5470 IBM BladeCenter

Hi @Anonymous,


Thanks for posting. It seems there is a lot to go over and if you open a case with our TAC support team, they will be able to cover all of this with you in greater detail.


For you compatibility question you can check this document.

Dennis Smith
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