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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Fabric update FOS



we have a fabric containg 3 different san switches:  DS-5000 (6.4.3), 2*DS-5300(6.4.3) and 2*6510(7.2.1).

The 5300 can be updated (in multiple steps) to the same level as the 6510.


But whatabout the old 5000 ? Do we run into trouble when we update the rest to 7.4.x and this device is

still running the old 6.4.3  release ?


Does it make sence to update to 7.3 or 7.4 , if we don't have any open issues ?


Bye, Peer

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Re: Fabric update FOS

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Yes you can continue to use 5000 switch in 6.4x with others switches in 7.x.

7.4.x is fine. 7.4.1d is the latest recommended one.

It is your choice to upgrade or not the units. But recommendation is to follow as much as possible the latest available release to make sure to avoid all known issues and have benefit of latest features.




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