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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Fabric Login failed zero/duplicate AL_PA

We see the below mentioned message on M6505 where the mapping was working fine before.


   9   9   010900   cu    N16      In_Sync     FC  Disabled (Fabric Login failed zero/duplicate AL_PA)


BRCD01:admin> ag --mapshow
N_Port Configured_F_Ports Static_F_Ports Current_F_Ports Failover Failback PG_ID PG_Name
0 15;16 None 15;16 1 1 0 pg0
17 None None None 1 1 0 pg0
18 1;3;4 None 1;3;4 1 1 0 pg0
19 5;6 None 5;6 1 1 0 pg0
20 7;8 None 7;8 1 1 0 pg0
21 9;10 None None 1 1 0 pg0
22 11;12 None 11;12 1 1 0 pg0
23 13;14 None 13;14 1 1 0 pg0


When we tried to delete mapping using "ag --mapdel"  FPort 1 & 2 from NPort 17 and map them to NPort 18 it works fine. But when tried to map them again to NPort 17 it doesn't work and shows "FC  Disabled (Fabric Login failed zero/duplicate AL_PA)".


Please help on this issue. Many thanks.


Best regards,

Vignesh S

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Re: Fabric Login failed zero/duplicate AL_PA

You really haven't provided enough info to work through this. A quick idea, just guessing would be to start with this;


ag --deletepwwnfromdb PWWN


ag --clearalpamap F_Port


Then try again. Also we need to have some more data from the switch. Would like to know what the failbackshow output looks like. 


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