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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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FCR configuration in 5100 switch

Hi All,

I have one Brocade 5100 SAN switch (FOS 6.2.) with  4 logical  switches configured as below .Each switch contains   individual zones

1.Default Switch FID 128

2.Base switch FID 55

3.Logical  Switch 3 -FID 60

4.Logical  Switch 4 -FID 65


I would like to interconnect logical switch 3 and 4 with FC route .Is it possible to create route?

Please share the  step by step procedure


Thanks in advance




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Re: FCR configuration in 5100 switch

theoretically and in the praxis the answer is yes.


however you need IR = Intergrated Routing License or Routing capable Switch i.e. 7500 or 7800.



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Re: FCR configuration in 5100 switch

Thanks for your infromation .


We do have routing licenses ,and need  procedure to  create the integrated routing as well as noraml   FCR.

I failed to  find out step by step procedure  from the FOS admin docs  to create FCR or integrated routing 


Thanks in advance



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Re: FCR configuration in 5100 switch



you have to possibilities:

Get the procedure out of the Fabric OS User guide or participate on a CFP 300 classromm. There you will learn everything you need.


Kind Regards

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