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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Error on ISL port after sfp and cable change

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I've a lot of CRC errors on my ISL port between my two D300. We have changed sfp and cable but I still have error ! They appears after a major power issue in all city.


I want to move sfp and cable to a new port and so change my ISL port, is it possible to perform that ?


In case of, we have also done a fastboot on the switch.


Don't have any other idea about this issue...

Tks in advance.



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Re: Error on ISL port after sfp and cable change

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are you having only CRC errors or do you see another type of errors on the links?

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Re: Error on ISL port after sfp and cable change

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First, the CRC errors need to be confirmed they are happening between the ISL ports and

not originating from a device attached to either switch. 


If the CRC error on the ISL port has incremented for counter "CRC" and "CRC g_eof"

then the CRC happened between the ISL ports.


If the CRC error on the ISL has incremented for counter "CRC" but "CRC g_eof" count is 0,

then the CRC happened before the frame reached the ISL port.


Use command porterrshow to observe CRC and CRC g_eof.


So,  determine if the CRCs are occurring between ISLS or before the frame is forwareded

to the ISLs.


1) Clear the fc counters (cmd: statsclear) on each switch

2) Clear the ASIC counters (cmd: slotstatsclear) on each switch

3) Monitor for CRCs and CRC g_eof counters for ISL ports using command:  porterrshow

       If CRC increments but not CRC g_eof, the frame damage happened before the ISL port.

      Check the other ports on the switch that could be sending frames across the ISL.


      If CRC and CRC g_eof increment, I would check the output of  "sloterrshow" to see

      if there is any internal ASIC issue causing CRCs.


 4) Check the SFP tx and rx power levels too:     sfpshow x/y

      <My typical threshold for 4 and 8Gb is power level is power should be above 200uW>

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Re: Error on ISL port after sfp and cable change

That is highly useful information. Thanks for the post!

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