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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Brocade and Qlogic Connectivity

The Customer has existing Qlogic Switches. We are trying to ISL the Brocade Switches running v7.x to Qlogic switches but the "configure" otion does not provide interoperability mode "3" for this connectivity.

  Any other alternative for this ISL connectivity? How do we enable the interoperability between Brocade and Qlogic?

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Re: Brocade and Qlogic Connectivity

Interop-mode is since FOS 7.0 not longer supported.


You can try on Brocade Switch to configure Intergrated Routing (IR License is required )



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Re: Brocade and Qlogic Connectivity

if qlogic supports running in the access gateway mode, this might also be some kind of alternative
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Re: Brocade and Qlogic Connectivity

Hi there,


If the switch supports it, you can also downgrade the fos to version 6.4. This would be the least painful option.

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