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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Basic SAn switch setup

Hello guys   Iam new  to san and fiber stuff

Just got a  lower end san Cx3  to setup  with a 2 brocade   switches  and 3 vmware  host with Qlogic hba

the ethernet parts  are setup correctly

  I want  to be able  to add  all these devices  to be using the  fiber swithes

how  to I reserve a   port do I need  any software  to manage   myfibers swithes  or I can manage  trought web

I need to be able to configure my san , my host to be using fiber switches  they are all connected how to I make ports reservation for each devices?

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Re: Basic SAn switch setup

Hello Jean-Marie,

welcome to the SAN world.

You can manage the SAN switches via cli (telnet/ssh) or web (http)

The default SAN Switch IP is

For a basic setup procedure please read the admin guide first.

Primary you should have zoning enabled to isolate the traffic and to avoid that each HBA can see each other.

Primary you have different types of HBAs. Targets = Storage ports and Initiators = Servers.

A single Initiator should be zone to a single Target in one zone.

Each HBA has two WWNs. One is the portWWN and the other is the nodeWWN.

Please use only portWWN in your zoning.

There are much more information needed to set it up.

If you need further assist please let me know.


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