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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Avoiding a fabric rebuild after replacing QPM card with ISLs on it

We recently had an error on one of our QPM cards.  This card had 2 out of the 8 ISLs from the m6140 switch and the DCX backbone.  After the two ISL ports were blocked the fabric did a rebuild, causing some of the hosts on the 6140 to lose access to that disk path.  Are there any procedures that could be done to avoid a fabric rebuild in this scenario?  I would have thought since 6 of the ISLs remained up between the two switches that there would have been no such issue.  I believe that open trunking is enabled on the 6140.  Could that have been the cause of the rebuild?  Could a loss of one or two components of the trunk bring down the entire link resulting in a rebuild?



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