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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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AIX server and IP over FC via Brocade 4020

I have created IP interfaces on HBA FC on 2 AIX server .I  put  IP adresses on this ressources and i do the right zone with 2 HBA on the fabric. I try to ping the other server across this IP interfaces but it isn't good. Is the switch permit this thing ?  ( RFC 2625) . I do this because i want a second network between my 2 servers for cluster heartbeats in case of LAN failure.

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Re: AIX server and IP over FC via Brocade 4020

All Brocade Switches support RFC 2625, this is a Standard IP Over FC Fibre Channel Protocol.

But AFAIK.such config like you descripted here are not supported, or with other word unknown to me.

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Re: AIX server and IP over FC via Brocade 4020


in the early FOS code it was included to run IP over FC. In some FOS releases it was removed and then it came back into the FOS code.

I can't remember the releases in which IP over FC was supported.

This came from Brocade product sheet:

IP-over-FC Routing Service: Enables broadcast IP frames to be routed over Fibre Channel fabrics, providing the flexibility to route IP and Fibre Channel traffic simultaneously

In the past I had a disussion with Brocade and the statement was IP over FC is working with some FOS codes. And some customer are using this.

The FC switch gets an FCIP address. I think you have to configure a broadcast zone within your zoning DB and the zone for your HBAs.

"In Fabric OS 5.3.0 or later, a zone with the name of “broadcast” (case- sensitive), which is used for setting up recipients of broadcast packets. Does

not restrict access to its members, but restricts broadcast packets to only those devices that are members."

As an example NetApp supports SNAP Mirror over FC. In this config is using IP over FC with customized HBA firmwares.


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Re: AIX server and IP over FC via Brocade 4020

The solution is to declare a special zone "broadcast" with all the HBA you want to receive broadcast frames and to declare normal zones with the HBA  to authorize IP traffic.

It's closed.

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